Thursday, October 23, 2014

Bootin' around Bangkok

On October 19th, we left Sea Turtle once again on the motorcycle to return to Bangkok to pick up our Visas and for our flight to India on the 24th of October.

On our way to the Embassy in Central Bangkok to pick up our Visas, we were hit with a fierce rainstorm. The street drainage system couldn't keep up with the deluge. We quickly pulled in under cover and watched the traffic. The water became so deep that it covered the sidewalk.  It was up to the doors of the cars and a few of the un-deterred scooters conked out.

They need water taxis!

With Visas in hand and a clear sky, there were a couple of sights to see that we had heard about. We visited the famous short street called Thanon Khao San. Decades ago, the backpackers hung out here for the cheap accommodation and street food. Today, it is more popular as a tourist venue with souvenier sellers, pubs, and McDonald's but the delectable street food vendors are still there.

A Bangkok favourite street

As the sun was setting, we made a quick stop at the steamy street called Cowboy Soi. This came into its own as the haunt of American soldiers on leave during the Vietnam war. Today it's another spectacle for the tourist and the girls of the night still provide their services

With a day to kill before our flight out to India, we zipped out of Bangkok for a change of pace. It was 75 kms to a popular floating market in the village of Amphora where time slowed down and reverted back to simpler ways. Shops in age old shanties that lined the canal complimented the scene of floating commerce. Indigenous chefs aboard their skiffs were eagerly cooking delightful meals and serving hungry visitors as longtail boats provided transportation to tour the canal.

Waterway commerce

"Boatside" chef

With an early morning flight, we were off to bed after a busy day. We hope to update the blog with India adventures - depending on available internet access...

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Peter Green said...

I don't think you could have imagined such adventure during the days of preparation at BWC.
Pete @ Wendy