Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Now where to?

Back at Sea Turtle on October 5th, after 9 days away travelling from Phuket (Thailand) to Malaysia and back, we made no waste of time cruising the internet to figure out our next adventure.

It was the discovery of cheap flights to India where we could do some intrepid motorcycle touring on remakes of the old British Royal Enfield bikes up into the Himalayas. But India is another country that requires pre-issued Visitor Visas. So we left a few days later on October 11th for a 2-day run up to Bangkok to make our Visa submission at the India Embassy, a 7-day process.

An unusual poolside sign at our hotel that we couldn't quite figure out...what could it possibly mean??


We saw a half dozen accidents along the way which fortifies the reputation that Thai driving is the 2nd worst in the world in terms of deaths per capita (26,000 last year). Anything from multiple vehicle pile-ups to a large rig straddling the medium.

There was also a beefed up pick-up overloaded with fruit that blew a tire, but his load was so tall and top heavy that the truck tipped over onto its side leaving fruit strewn about the road. Beefed up pick-ups are common. What are they? A pick-up with a 1-ton axle and gigantic overload springs. They believe it gives them unlimited carrying capacity but more than a couple of times we have seen them in the ditch or stopped dead on the freeway missing a wheel. Empty, they are some of the fastest and craziest drivers - I guess rushing to get their next overload fix!

Buses and transport trucks are often dressed like clowns. These mobile kaleidoscopes sport elaborate and fanciful paint jobs and accessory gauds of lights, mirrors, reflectors, and their favourite trinkets. The "Michelin Man" is the best loved!

Flamboyancy run amok

It was a quick trip, there and back. Traffic was horrendous in the large City of Bangkok with over 8 million people (12.6% of Thailand's entire population). Jordan was able to navigate around without getting lost, which always amazes me.

We were rained on a lot during our journey - hence the numerous signs indicating the many waterfalls - and we were glad to be back at Sea Turtle.

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