Saturday, September 22, 2012

Robert Louis Stevenson

Today at Samoa, along with friends from SV Libertad, we went to visit the Robert Louis Stevenson home and plantation, now a museum, on our rented motorcycles.

Robert Louis Stevenson (Teller of Tales as he was known by Samoans) is a well-known author of books such as Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, Treasure Island, many more.

Stevenson home and museum as we approach

We toured rooms that still contained personal belongings including the Great Hall, library, sick room, smoking room, plus many bedrooms. And of course, there is now a Gift Shop on the premises for mementos and books, etc. if you so desire.

The family kitchen as pictured below was built as a separate building so that in case of fire it would be the only loss, not the main residence.

Quaint separate kitchen viewed from main house window

He and his family settled in Samoa after building their beautiful large home. His tomb is located atop Mt. Vaea above their home and plantation, where he was buried in a ceremony for royalty. We hiked up Mt. Vaea through the rainforest and looked down on the grandiose view.

Robert Louis Stevenson lived a short life, 1850 to 1894, and only lived in the Samoan family home for 4 years before passing away of tuberculosis after leading a full and accomplished life.

A favourite quote of ours by Robert Louis Stevenson is as follows:
Life is not always a matter of holding good cards, but sometimes of playing a poor hand well.

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