Saturday, September 29, 2012

Leaving Samoa

The next few days of our stay at Apia (Samoa) had Jordan recuperating from a tiring head cold, doing a few boat jobs, and the usual provisioning and check-out. Regrettably, he had passed the bug along to several cruisers during our 2-day tour...sorry guys!

It has been SOOO hot and humid. And no wind. We couldn't even turn on our fans as the controller for our solar panels broke down so we could no longer get any charge from them. This meant having to run the engine every now and again as there was no wind for our wind generator.

We couldn't plug in at the marina as power is 220 volt. Fortunately, another cruiser had a spare controller and graciously lent it to us till we can replace ours in New Zealand. Our list of boat jobs to do in New Zealand is constantly growing. Maybe Jordan should run a fast food business here instead - it already carries his name!

Fish and Chips, anyone?

We untied from the docks at Apia (Samoa) at 17:30 on September 29th for a 2-nighter to Niuatoputapu (Kingdom of Tonga). Sailors often refer to it as New Potatoes but once we arrive, we will have to pronounce it properly so we have been practicing!

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