Saturday, September 08, 2012

High winds

As our anchorage near the mouth of the entrance to Suwarrow (Cook Islands) was getting quite windy, we moved closer to shore (S13°14.880' W163°06.493') once a few boats had left a couple of days later.

Park Ranger Harry told us that weather patterns have been changing. Winds have been increasing at Suwarrow in the last several years, and in the past, they were never over 16 knots. A beach hut that was built just last year, and should last for about 5 years, now needs to be re-roofed because of the strong winds. Cruisers offered to fix the roof but were told that Polynesian women would soon be coming to make a new one from the palm fronds.

Falling down sailors' hangout

So we hunkered down and I sewed the next 2 flags we would need for Samoa and Tonga. Jordan fixed the slackened prop break (it engages while the motor is off to stop the prop shaft from turning which is a safety for the transmission) and painted a picture of Sea Turtle on a scrap piece of wood to hang at the shack on shore, affectionately called Suwarrow Yacht Club, along with all the other hangings and flags left by previous cruisers.

Jordan and Judy with Jordan's painting

Our snorkelling, bird watching, and coconut crab excursion with Park Ranger Ants (Antony's nickname) and other cruisers was cancelled due to the high winds. We had been so looking forward to finally tasting this delectable crustacean.

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