Friday, August 17, 2012


We left Moorea, one of the Society Islands, to head for Raiatea on an overnighter at 10:00 on August 15th, arriving and setting anchor at 07:15 on August 16th (S16°49.158' W151°24.956') by the Faaroa River entrance.

We dinghied up the small snaking river past very lush vegetation, quite marrow in places. As we got further up, we had to dodge snags and shallows and eventually had to turn back when several large boulders prevented us from going further. On our way back, we stopped to talk with the local jungle farmers and obtain some of their fresh fruits.

An approaching panga along the Faaroa River

Judy in dinghy with fruits and flowers

In the afternoon, we moved Sea Turtle around to anchor by the town (S16°43.728' W151°26.611') where we wanted to have dinner at a restaurant. But lo and behold, none were to be had! From a street snack shop, we ordered atun frites (thinking we would get fried tuna) and also some chow mein. We received tuna salad along with French fries in a bun and chow mein in another bun! First time for French fries in a bun and chow mein in a bun!

We noticed a poster for Polynesian dancing at a hotel. The performance included live Polynesian music and the dancers were of all ages. We weren't expecting much as, after all, how good could young kids be? Upon arriving, we were asked if we had a reservation, which we did not. The place was packed. Overflowing. We were told we could not have supper but if we bought a drink we could see the performance. We sat on the concrete by the pool and watched a fabulous show.

The kids were absolutely adorable and were surprisingly quite good with their dancing skills! The numerous costumes, much of which were bedecked with real flowers and palm fronds, were beautiful and the skills of the older men and women as they danced to the live music were amazing.

We didn't know they made coconut shells so small!

Notice the hip movement of the little cutie above!

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