Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mixed bag

One night, a group of about 20 sailors went to the famous Bloody Mary's Restaurant for dinner. It's been in operation since 1979 and has had many Hollywood stars dine there. As it is located quite a distance from the Bora Bora Yacht Club, the restaurant/bar offers transportation.

Each evening, plates of local catch are delightfully displayed on ice. The host explains what is available and takes your order directly to the chef. As well as different varieties of fish, other items such as steak, ribs, and lobster were available (on the evening we were there). Our appetizers, meals, and desserts were delicious in the enchanting surroundings of Bloody Mary's.

One day, Jordan skidded out on a rented bicycle and severely scraped the skin from his toe, probably right down to the bone. The local doctor wrapped it with a skin bandage that he said would promote growth of new skin as it also expelled an antiseptic. The doc was pretty rough as he applied the bandage, even as Jordan repeatedly exclaimed Ow!

We have unfortunately noticed a fair amount of garbage along the roadsides, which is quite surprising for such a touristy place of French Polynesia. But there are a lot of homes with fancy gardens filled with stunning flowers. We've noticed too that Bora Bora has many, many dogs - obviously pet lovers here.

Unusual but pretty flowering bush

The next few days were filled with sailors watching weather and getting ready for passage to the Cook Islands. We are in an area of converging weather patterns, the graveyard of the easterly trades and the colliding lows that come up from between Tasmania and New Zealand. So we may have a mixed up sail on this next passage. This would be the end of our stay in the French Polynesia group of islands.

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