Thursday, August 30, 2012

Our favourites

Our favourites? Of the Marquesan group, we loved Tahuata with its sandy beach and fresh pamplemousse waiting to be picked from the trees, swimming up-close with numerous manta rays, and all of the several anchorages with new things to see and friendly locals to meet.

Graceful manta rays

Of the Tuamotu Archipelago, we loved Manihi. This is where we went pearl diving which was such a thrill and met Fernand who introduced us to other adventures, great snorkelling and visibility in many areas, and indulged in the privacy of the Blue Lagoon. (But we got our best pearl deals in Ahe.)

Varying blues of the Blue Lagoon

And of the Society Archipelago, we loved both Taha'a and Bora Bora. We did more at Taha'a - toured the island and vanilla plantation, and snorkelled the fabulous Coral Gardens. But at Bora Bora, we loved the beauty of the island and the colours of the lagoon waters, and we once again met up with a lot of sailors that we knew.

Sunset at Taha'a with Bora Bora in background

All in all, we had more fun at the Marquesas and the Tuamotus and would have loved to explore more of the Tuamotus, but there was not enough time with the limited 3 months that we are allowed to stay in French Polynesia.

We pulled anchor today for passage to our next destination of the Cook Islands (Suwarrow aka Suvarov).

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