Monday, June 20, 2011

Naranjo Cove

We left Isla Cebaco (Panama) a little late yesterday, not till 13:00, which meant we were a bit short on time to reach our next destination about 5 hours away. We started out motoring but as the wind picked up we decided to see if it was strong enough for a fast sail. Unfortunately, we were only doing about 3 nautical miles so we turned the motor on again after about half an hour so we wouldn't be arriving after dark.

Jordan hooked a large fish but the darn thing managed to escape from his hook. We set anchor at Naranjo Cove (N07°16.339' W080°55.472') at 17:45 on the 19th. The surrounding hills were very pretty and even though several areas had been logged they were covered in green grass or foliage. We once again had the bay all to ourselves with the exception of 1 house on shore. The swells made the anchorage rolly as we did not set a stern anchor this time.

We pulled anchor from Naranjo Cove bright and early at 06:30 for an overnighter. Jordan had a line trailing when he got a strike. What a fighter this fish was. After a long struggle, Jordan finally landed a yellow fin tuna, with enough meat for 8 meals.

Finally, yellow fin tuna!

We are finally starting to see sea life once again. Today we spotted a whale, 2 sea turtles, and dolphins. We also found the Southern Cross in the stars this evening, a guiding beacon for sailors since ancient times in the Southern Hemisphere, represented by 4 bright stars depicting a cross.

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