Saturday, June 11, 2011

Back at Boca Chica

After a great weekend, we were once again back at Sea Turtle in Pedregal where over a few days we did some boat chores (replacing the broken bilge fan and finishing the teak bookshelf). We also went into David and watched a couple more playoff hockey games at a sports bar called TGIF - yes they have them here too - short for Thank God It's Friday.

The general weather has been a mix of rain, heavy at times, and sunny but humid days. The music is mostly accordion with a Latin styled vocal and rhythm. Catching, but most songs are too much alike.

We made our way out of the inland waterway on Thursday June 9th, as we followed the same 52 waypoints in reverse, and at one point felt our keel touch the bottom.

 Remote estuary casa

We anchored once again in Boca Chica on Friday and our plans are to head for Islas Secas tomorrow on June 12th...

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