Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bahias Honda/Cebaco

We returned to the private Isla Cavada (Panama) as we can get internet there and have spent the last 2 days cleaning, airing out, and removing any mildew growth. What with the humidity being so high, it's become necessary to wipe the boat insides with a mix of vinegar and water or bleach and water to keep a check on the mildew. So far, nothing damaged or destroyed - just a lot of scrubbing.

We left on June 16th for Bahia Honda in the rain and anchored around 10:00 (N07°45.821' W081°31.615'). Along the way, Jordan caught a couple of the untasty Skipjacks but released them. Haven't been having too much luck in the fishing department lately.

Kennedy, a local, rowed over and offered to trade fruit for other goods such as a flashlight, batteries, Canada hat, etc. Jordan offered to try and fix Kennedy's broken home generator.

On the 17th, we dinghied over to Kennedy's place. He and his family have a scenic piece of property and a well crafted house, still in the works, which will be beautiful when done. Unfortunately, the generator needed a new piece which could not be fabricated so Jordan was unable to fix it. But we made our trades after a lot of picture taking and pleasant visit. So nice to have fruit once again!

Jordan and Judy with Kennedy, his wife and 1 daughter

We also dinghied into the village on a nearby island and discovered it to be much larger than we had expected. But there was only 1 tiny store that sold only a few basics and junk food so we were not able to stock up with much. The village also has several houses, a tiny police station, and a school.

We pulled anchor at 09:45 on June 18th and motored with glassy smooth seas. We were able to sail for a short period, but then had to motor again.

At 1 point, we spotted a whale lazily swimming across the water at our stern. Jordan released 1 Skipjack and unfortunately lost 1 Dorado. Still waiting for that fish catch! We anchored at Isla Cebaco (N07°2.392' W081°13.377') at 16:00 where we also needed to use a stern anchor. Nearby was a sport fishing boat rafted alongside its mothership Cebaco Bay.

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