Monday, March 07, 2011

Puerto Escondido

Leaving Acapulco, we motored again most of the time. This part of the coast is known for light to no winds. We passed a beach where 2 years ago on our motorcycle trip we visited a turtle sanctuary where we released newly hatched baby turtles (hatchlings). Perhaps some of them are among the numerous ones we have been seeing!

We did manage to get a good sail for only about 2 hours. The current was with us so we made much better time than we had planned. We therefore arrived at Puerto Escondido at 02:15 instead of closer to noon as originally planned. The bay is very deep in most places, but in front of some roaring surf, Jordan found a shelf of about 17 m where he set the anchor (N15°51.375' W097°03.727') with lots of chain and then made sure it wasn't dragging.

We settled in for the night and slept in later than usual. Upon rising, we re-anchored to a more secured and protected spot that was amongst 70 pangas - still in very deep water. We then checked in and out at the same time with the Port Captain as requested and then went for a walkabout, reminiscing about being here in 2009. When we looked back at Sea Turtle, she was really bobbing in the very rolly waters! We stopped at a cute beach bar and had margaritas lying in the shade for protection from the blistering sun (the man who took this picture was on his honeymoon from Israel - that's his new wife in the background).

Hiding in the shade, as was everyone else!

There were even manned lifeguard chairs along the beach which is something that you don't see very often, probably because of ferocious surf with undertows.

Puerto Escondido beach with hand sculpture

Puerto Escondido is a great little town. It even closes off the main beach street each evening to all traffic so the pedestrians can wander freely. On our way back to the boat, we watched some young men having a riot skim boarding into the ocean. Looked like a lot of fun...

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