Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Talla Talla Saqir

It was a nice and relaxing stop at Fawn Cove (Sudan), but we really needed to get to the town of Suakin to officially check into Sudan. So on March 8th at 07:00 we up'd anchor and headed north beating into 15-knot headwinds. We were now starting to get those north winds that are typical for the northern part of the Red Sea.

Leaving Fawn Cove (courtesy of SV Jubilee)

There is an abundance of coral reefs along the coast making night sailing nerve wracking to say the least, however as well, there are many islets or islands to safely anchor for the night. The islet of Talla Talla Saqir was our chosen stop after a long day and we were making it after dark.

SV Jubilee, the other boat we have been travelling with since Sri Lanka, had made it in there before us and had the lights on so with that and a close eye on the depth sounder, we crept in to a safe anchor drop (N18°45.950' E038°00.613'). Wheww!

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