Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Fawn Cove

Fawn Cove was our first anchorage in the Red Sea in southern Sudan. Anchored in this idyllic cove provided us with a quintessential African scene that could be of any century past. We were remote, to the point of hearing no man-made sound. Reaching away from the long sandy beaches rose waves of golden dunes and beyond were layered mountain ranges in shades of pastel blue. It conjured up images of seeing Lawrence coming over the dunes on his camel.

We hopped in the dinghy and went to a small island nearby for, what else, beachcombing! And what a treat...there were large shells all over the place. It quickly became evident from the piles of shells everywhere that they were the remains of many a meal. And not just of recent times - the eroded banks showed layers of shells.

Going back to Sea Turtle

Under the watchful eyes of a pair of large eagles, we collected a sack full of shells and finally had to say No more!

Guarding the island

The next day to complete this African scene that surrounded us was a herd of grazing camels. After making our way through corals, we beached the dinghy and said hello to the humped beasts. They were really quite docile even with some young-uns about.

Smile, you're on Camel Camera!

From out of nowhere it seemed, two Bedouins came loafing over to us. Through gestures and scrapes in the sand, we deciphered this was their drove.

Bedouin buddies

We then hiked over to check out the dunes. Climbing them was harder, and not as much fun, as coming back down...

Dune descent

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