Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Langkawi daze

As mentioned before, we had to order a new second-hand SSB/Ham marine radio from the internet and have it delivered to Malaysia as Thailand does not allow them to be imported. This means that we had to sail back once again to Langkawi Malaysia to pick it up. And we thought we had left there for good!

Once we confirmed that the radio had been delivered to the marina of Telaga Harbour of Langkawi, we decided to do another overnight voyage rather than stopping and anchoring along the way as we had okay sailing and motoring weather. We pulled anchor January 5th at 10:15 from Chalong Bay of Thailand and anchored January 6th at Telaga Harbour, Langkawi at 12:30 (N06°21.785' E099°40.887').

Upon examining the radio when we picked it up, Jordan discovered that the microphone receptor on the radio had a male end where a female end was required in order to use our microphone. Also the power and tuner connections didn't match. After searching high and low for a solution, we met with a technician who gave Jordan a fairly simple way to solve the issue. Simple, but it took a lengthy period of time.

With the radio all hooked up, we next need to connect to a radio net that SV Shearwater has told us about. If successful, next is to return once again to Phuket (Chalong Bay) Thailand to pick up a new prop for our outboard engine (none available in Langkawi without a lengthy wait).

Jordan thinks that when he was trying to push and pull Sea Turtle when she was aground that the rubber of the prop had slipped. He has put pins in it so we can use the dinghy in the meantime but a new prop is needed for a permanent solution. We have found a dealer in Phuket that is holding one for us until we get there.

Some of the sunsets in Telaga were amazing, a pleasant punctuation to end the day of boat jobs...

Telaga, Langkawi

Another distraction to our boat jobs: Chanty shenanigans. Like when she tried to get too close to the fish and climbed down the step that hangs over Sea Turtle's side and fell in. She found the safety screen we attached to the stern for such an emergency and she scurried up, soaked and forlorn.

Showered and towelled off

Next off to the Mediterranean. We will post next when internet is available...

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Peter Green said...

Hi Guys,
first..... Happy New Year to both of you..... we have been looking at your anchorages and what beautiful locations you have chosen! Love the photo of Chanty.