Wednesday, January 04, 2017

A new year

We began our sailing adventures in September of 2009 and here it is 2017. Wow, time sure flies when you are having fun. Another new year of sailing adventures to look forward to - all the excitement and pleasures as well as all the struggles and discomforts. No, it's not ALL fun all of the time!

To start the year, Jordan spent the morning scouring the internet for a possible solution of why our Frigoboat refrigerator keeps overheating and must be turned off. We just had it looked at by a professional on December 29th and thought all was solved, but apparently not.

He discovered a solution on the internet posted by others having the same problem and decided to give it a try. He straightened a specific pipe and then lightly banged on it to get a possible blockage to move. It worked, but again, for how long? Time will tell. Maybe this time we will be lucky.

After spending a quiet and pleasurable evening, we pulled anchor at 13:15 on January 1st from Koh Naka Yai on the east side of Phuket (Thailand) returning again to Chalong Bay, but this time we decided to anchor on the east side of the Bay (N07°48.865' E098°22.945') at 16:45. The west is so very busy and hectic but the east is much quieter, calmer water, and with less boats too.

Our feline Chanty is enjoying both sailing and motoring now. She came up on deck, looked around, played, and then even had a nap in the cockpit as we motor-sailed. She totally ignored the sound of the motor.

On the 2nd, we re-anchored and unfortunately in the hectic west side of Chalong Bay which is less than half an hour away (N07°49.208' E098°21.468') as we wanted to get an early start in the morning and needed to be close to the dock where we could easily rent a car. The next day we totally filled the car with provisions to get ready for our long passage coming up.

We had started to see windy weather as was predicted. To get out of the fetch on the 4th, we moved from the rough west side back to the east side of Chalong for more protection (N07°48.972' E098°22.974'). It made for a much more pleasant sleep with less bouncing around.


Peter Green said...

Has it been that long...? I remember being almost ready to leave when we said 'Fair Winds' to you at West Bay marina. Wish we had made the decision to 'go' rather than putting it off for a year.

Turtle Mail said...

Yes time sure flies. It would have been nice if you had left also but you have had fun travelling around also.