Monday, April 20, 2015

Put to bed

We tied Sea Turtle up to a dock on April 13th, the first time in many months, at Marina Island, a 318-acre man-made island. Here, we prepared her to be put up on the hard at the family-owned Pangkor Marina.

We hauled out on an unusual but very efficient Sea-Lift, a first for us. Jordan manoeuvred Sea Turtle onto the air-filled bunks and the operator of the lift first raised and then directed Sea Turtle up the ramp and out of the ocean - all with his remote control! No scratches, bumps, or nicks. After a bottom power wash, she was settled on the hard.

Jordan powering onto Sea-Lift

Soft and easy lift

In the humid heat with the daily predictable afternoon showers, we continued preparing Sea Turtle for a long sleep. We found relief from the heat by taking an air-conditioned hotel room and an occasional swim in another hotel's swimming pool!

We felt comfortable with the security of Pangkor Marina's yard knowing Sea Turtle would be in good company for the months to follow, nestled in with other yachts from all parts of the world, some from Canada too.

With a sad goodbye to Sea Turtle on April 20th, it was a cheery hello to family and friends in Canada where we will be until approximately November to complete a project.


Peter Green said...

Hi Guys....

If you are in Victoria, give us a call and we can have that coffee we owe you... would love to hear of your travels, although the blog has given us a great idea!

Turtle Mail said...

We have been trying to reach you but have been unable to! The phone number you gave us does not work and we don't have your email address...

Anonymous said...

Hello Jordan & Judy,

I was on Koh Lipe from Feb 7 - 14 (2015), and had spotted a few yachts in the bay and looked at yours with interest from shore. When I was leaving the island, my long-tail boat went right past Sea Turtle and then I knew why I kept noticing your boat from shore! It was a shame I couldn't read the name earlier in the week, as it would have been wonderful to catch up with you. It is such a small world at times!

I read your wonderful blog once or twice per year, as your travels are one of the joys I reaped from having the opportunity to close the sale for you way back in 2005. (I was your yacht broker).

Happy travels, and thinking of you!

PS - I tried to post a message to you on your blog while I was in Thailand, but my phone was not cooperating. Better late than never.

Warm smiles,
Sue Adams