Monday, April 06, 2015

Koh Lipe and Adang

After checking out of Telaga (Malaysia) on April 5th, we pulled the hook, and 6 hours later were in Thailand at the island of Koh Lipe (N06°29.076' E099°18.058'). Here the anchorage depth was 22 metres in clear clean waters before the bottom rose abruptly to the shallow coral reef that pre-empted the beautiful sandy beach.

Anchorage real estate was in demand at this busy destination and great care was needed in dropping the hook, because at that depth, at least 60 metres of chain was prudent so swinging radii ate up the available bay.

The first night required close watch as swirling tide and variable winds swung boats around and at times too close for comfort from each other. Competing crafts included longtail shuttle boats, day tourist speed boats, ferries, dive boats, supply vessels, and a few sailboats.

With last night's full moon, tide changes were extreme. There was oodles of coral near the shore so to avoid our dinghy's prop meeting coral, we had to wait for a higher tide before going to or leaving shore.

This was my first visit to Koh Lipe but Jordan had stopped here while I was back in Canada. Ashore, I "met" the Asian girl that Jordan confessed to kissing and groping during my absence...


I forgave him! LOL!

Koh Lipe is a small out-of-the-way tourist island destination. Its main attraction is the powder fine sandy beach where visitors' whims are satisfied by the many bars, restaurants, and places to stay that range from very basic huts to fine resorts. It can be defined as a stroller's dream destination as its arteries are built for pedestrians where they can stop at leisure for a massage, a drink, a meal, book a dive, or even get medical treatment. For us, it was also a required immigration check-in port.

Beautiful white sandy beach of Koh Lipe

We did our official checking-in the morning after we arrived but soon left for quieter anchorage dibs an hour away on Koh Adang, the next Thai island just to the north where we grabbed a mooring ball (N06°32.139' E099°16.860').

The first thing we did was jump in the water where we had to hang on to the dinghy rope attached to Sea Turtle as the current was so strong it would have pulled us away from the boat and out into the ocean. But it was so refreshing and the water was so clear you could almost see the bottom at 15 metres.

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