Sunday, September 22, 2013

Family visit

The weather was terrible at our anchorage of Luganville (Vanuatu). It had rained all night and the strong winds were still blowing, making our anchorage very rolly and unsteady inside Sea Turtle. Jordan wondered if he should cancel the planned visitation of the Paul family who had so graciously helped us in our time of need yesterday as it would be a very wet and wild ride in the dinghy.

After scanning the beach, he noticed an area where the surf was calmer and managed to safely transport the family in 2 trips with no one getting wet. Everyone seemed very excited, and after a tour, they were surprised at how 'homey' a boat could be. They had all noticed boats coming to anchor but had never been inside of one. Mr. Paul said this visit would be something the kids would never forget.

But Mrs. Paul was soon feeling a bit nauseous and Jordan returned the family to the more familiar terra firma. They gave us their phone number and we exchanged emails, with an invitation to visit or stay with them anytime in the future if we ever return to Vanuatu. Maybe 1 day...

(Our heartfelt thanks go out once again to the obliging Paul family!)

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