Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Aore Island

We spent our last morning at Luganville (Vanuatu) running around doing the usual chores before leaving. But we still had 1 more stop before leaving the country. We quickly motored over to nearby Aore Island where we grabbed a mooring ball (S15°32.233' E167°10.827').

Moontide Resort

As dusk approached, we hailed a ride ashore by a passing dive boat. At the Moontide Resort, we treated ourselves to a nice last meal with Tim and Lea of SV Gemini Lady from Australia and spent our last Vatu, the currency of Vanuatu, on dinner. But we forgot we still had to pay for the mooring ball! With no Vatu left, we had to put the pittance of a charge on our credit card. We then hitched a ride back to Sea Turtle with Tim and Lea and spent a quiet night with no rocking or rolling on the still waters.

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