Tuesday, August 20, 2013

State of coconuts

Coconuts grow in Vanuatu and Jordan and I have been eating them for years on our travels. The juice is delicious as well as healthy and was even used during the war as an intravenous when normal medical stocks ran out.

We have not only drunk the juice but we have of course snacked on the white "meat" raw and also fried, as discovered in Tonga. We have also shredded the white with a potato peeler and fried it with salt, which then tastes similar to bacon, as unbelievable as that sounds.

But we have discovered something new about coconuts. From a coconut that has started to sprout with new leaves starting to grow skyward, you break it open and you will find that the juice has turned to a solid, the consistency of which is totally different - not a hard solid but not mushy either. But in a kind of desiccated state.

Long sprout and desiccated flesh of coconut

The mound of flesh broke apart easily and we crumbled it into a bowl to be used for breakfast. Jordan added corn flakes, water, a wee bit of brown sugar, and coconut cream to his; and I added just crackers, water, and coconut cream to mine. As weird as that sounds, it was very delicious and we will be doing it again soon!

To purchase a sprouting coconut in this area of the country, simply ask for nafara.

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