Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pull, paddle and prance

Micro financing has been successful in Third World countries to help subsistent people start mini-businesses. In Port Vila (Vanuatu), a Microfinance Tradefair ran for 3 days from August 15th through August 17th. On the waterfront, many tents were set up with basic business folks displaying and selling their services and wares with bands playing throughout each of the 3 days.

There were a lot of fun things going on...

Children showed their muscles in fun competitive Tug-of-Wars with lots of encouragement and cheering from the crowd.

Pull harder!

On the water, there were outrigger races and lots of other boats around watching. During the race, one outrigger with his partner tipped over to their dismay and the laughs of the spectators!

Paddle faster!

We almost made it...

There was a competition between the ladies of their fancy Mother Hubbard dresses. These 4 strut their stuff (lady in orange was the lucky winner).

But the biggest event seemed to be the daily traditional dance competitions. Most of the costumes were quite impressive and children were also dancing. Near the end, spectators would join in and merrily dance with the competitors. Great fun was had by all.




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