Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Waitavala waterslide

On July 3rd, several sailors boarded SV The Rose for an excursion to Taveuni Island (Fiji) with Jack, the local guide. Taveuni is about 1.5 hours across the strait from Viani Bay. Destination on Taveuni: the natural rock waterslide in the rainforest. After a quick cab ride, we hiked to the flowing water.

I thought it looked pretty intimidating but all the young children were doing it. So I figured if they could do it, then I should be able to. Right? I was brave enough to try it once but that was it. It flowed extremely fast, dunked you a couple of times, and bounced you all around from one rock side to the other. I ended up with a bruised tailbone, knee, and foot. But it was an exhilarating ride! Jordan went down a few times, with no injuries of course, and loved it.

Nature's funland

After everyone had their fill of excitement, we hiked back to the seashore. On the way, Jordan and I stopped at a minimum security prison where the inmates grew vegetables for sale. While we were there, we talked to one of the guards who explained that the inmates were singing, which we could hear. It was a very nice sound.

Then we walked further to where the school children were having a game of rugby outside. They all came running over to say hi, with smiling faces. In the background was the Wairiki Mission.

Wairiki Mission by school

Our last stop of the day was to buy scrumptious roti, an unleavened Indo-Fijian bread. There was a little shop that made them on the spot and we ordered a few vegetarian ones, and also several bara filled with chickpeas for only 10 cents each.

By the time The Rose sailed back to our anchorages, everyone was tired after a long thrilling day at the natural rock waterslide.

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