Thursday, July 18, 2013

First wedding

Jordan and I caught a cab into Nadi Fiji (pronounced Nandi) to catch a flight to Calgary AB Canada for my daughter's wedding. Our flight was at 22:00 July 11th and we arrived in Calgary 17 hours later, however we arrived on the same day at 20:00 July 11th - two hours earlier than when we left Fiji as we had crossed the International Date Line!

It was a wonderful and beautiful wedding. My daughter Lainey and her fiancé Tim (who had both visited us in New Zealand back in February) did a super job planning everything and had made it a little different and fun, more than what you would expect at a wedding.

It took place at a campground by Rocky Mountain House so guests could camp out and also participate in the week-long jeep and quad off-roading event nearby of which the bride and groom are enthusiasts. Lainey's pink jeep and Tim's green jeep were both decorated for the occasion.

Before decorating

The wedding party each danced a jig to special songs as they came down the aisle of the beautifully decorated hall and Tim danced his mother to her seat. My adorable great-granddaughter proudly dispensed flower petals from a basket.

So what song did the bride dance down the aisle to as she was escorted by her handsome son - my grandson? Another One Bites the Dust! Everyone had smiles on their faces as they snapped photos.

And after so much planning and a stressful day for the couple, a joyous Mr. and Mrs. Chambers exited the building. (I'm so proud of you both! Congratulations!)

Their cakes were also unusual. They had two - one saying The Hunt is Over and the other cake was a jeep (almost identical to Lainey's jeep) and the cake even had working headlights! They also had their 2 dogs outfitted in tuxedos.

Cake cutting - jeep cake on right

The meal, dance, and party continued late into the evening. It was a great opportunity to see my son and parents once again as we see them all too seldom, as well as other family members who were able to attend.

On our return flight, we left Calgary on July 16th and didn't arrive back in Fiji until July 18th as we once again crossed the Date Line, but this time going in the opposite direction, so we lost a day.

Our next wedding will be for Jordan's son sometime in the spring...

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