Saturday, July 14, 2012


We were informed by the locals that Bastille Day is celebrated during the next few days throughout the islands of French Polynesia. We caught a ride ashore with Fernand in his panga where we watched pairs of competitors, men and women, one frantically breaking open with an axe 20 coconuts and their partner wildly shucking out the white meat. The first couple to stuff all the meat into a sack and race it to the finish line were declared the winners. There was a brief downpour of rain as the men were finishing up.

The winning men's team

There were also various races of several laps around a large field as the competitors carried heavy coconuts mounted decoratively on different types of homemade carrying poles.

Everything was decorated with braided palm fronds, and luxurious snacks prepared by Fernand's family were devoured by everyone.

Officials ready to hand out awards

Our panga ride back to Sea Turtle was once again a real soaking due to weather conditions.

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