Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ahe Idol

A male pearl farmer came to Sea Turtle on July 18th in "her" outrigger to inquire if we would be interested in purchasing black pearls from "her" plentiful stock. We carefully picked out a few flawless beauties.

Pearl seller attired in "her" dress

The next night, we watched a dance and/or song competition that is the Islander's version of American Idol. There were some women who could really shake their hips hula style but a couple of the singers were hilariously bad. The competition lacked the costumes and quality of the one at Manihi (which we did not see as we were at the Blue Lagoon but we watched a video taken by SV Jabula).

A group of costumed and talented singers

We left Ahe with an easy exit on July 19th at 16:30 for an overnighter to Rangiroa which would be our third Tuamotu atoll to visit.

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