Sunday, February 13, 2011


We turned on and tested the repaired auto-pilot as we headed to Yelapa yesterday (across the bay from La Cruz), but unfortunately it would not work. As Yelapa was only 3 hours away, we decided to continue, arriving around 18:00 (N20°29.448' W105°26.646'). This is a small exposed bay with a rolly anchorage so we bargained for a mooring ball from the pangas that approached us, settling on 100 pesos for the night.

In the morning we dinghied ashore and walked through the little village and up to the cascading waterfall. No roads are in this village and the only vehicles around were quads.

Small waterfall in Yelapa Village

Walking along the cobblestones

We then headed back to La Cruz at 13:00 so we could deal with getting the auto-pilot fixed once again. But when we were almost all the way back, Jordan started fiddling with the controls again and it suddenly decided to work. So we changed direction and headed south at 18:00 for Chamela, about 18 hours away. What a relief it was to finally be on our way and not waiting for repairs! Hopefully, no more failures.

We've seen a lot of breaching whales during our travels but today we spotted one about 200 m off our port quarter that leaped completely out of the water - what a sight it was!

On our travels to and from Yelapa, we had the watermaker running but had to continually turn it on and off as we kept running into ribbons of red tide. Lately, there has been a lot of red tide visible in the waters.

As we rounded the point at Cabo Corrientes, a typically windy area, the wind died. Sigh...looks like we will be motoring once again instead of sailing.

Beautiful sunset as we motored towards Chamela

Tonight, we saw a lot of glistening phosphorescence in the waves alongside Sea Turtle.

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