Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Barra de Navidad

After spending 1 night at Melaque, we started the motor early in the morning to head to Laguna de Navidad, leaving our friends on SV Hotspur behind. We had GSP waypoints to enter this tricky bay and didn't know that they were planning on following us in but thankfully they made it safely. There were 50 boats anchored when we arrived at 08:00 on February 20th and after circling around the small bay, we dropped our hook in the glassy calm waters (N19°11.403' W104°40.426').

There is a French baker that visits the marina and the anchored boats in his panga delivering fresh baked items - nothing like fresh baguettes or chocolate croissants with your morning hot coffee! He also has bread, pies, quiches - all of which you can pre-order for guaranteed delivery right to your boat.

What shall I choose?

The next morning, Jordan came down with a case of the 24 to 48 flu, running a fever. After sleeping all day, he seemed to be doing quite a bit better on Wednesday.

When taking your dinghy to the dinghy dock, you pass by a huge hotel resort that is meticulously landscaped and then by several hotels and restaurants right on the water's edge. When the tide rises, the beach chairs are almost in the water!

Seaside hotel

We attended a potluck on the patio areas of the Sands Hotel (which is also where everyone ties up their dinghies). In behind the hotel is someone's pet spider monkey that unfortunately spends his days locked up in a large pen. He loved to have his back scratched and would constantly reach out and wrap his arm around Jordan. (I think everyone else was jealous!)

Best buddies!

But as adorable as he is, he looks sad to me...

Construction in Mexico is definitely done different than from back home. Can you imagine anyone using tree limbs for support when building a large structure such as this one? It happens all the time here.

Questionable support

The waters at this anchorage are so calm in the evenings, no movement at all, which a lot of people love. But we both prefer a bit of movement, kind of like being rocked to sleep.

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