Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Permanent crew member

After a grrreat South Africa safari and touring the country by car with Jordan's mom, Jordan and I arrived back to Sea Turtle October 2nd in Langkawi Malaysia. Now the work starts!

But first, we need to tell you about a kitty that was hanging out on our boat. She was a stray, about 8 months old, and had been taken to a vet to be spayed by a woman sailor who seems to take care of all the strays around the marina. We left on our holiday, and when we returned, the kitty came to our boat right away to visit again! We were told that when we left she had waited in the cockpit for us for 4 days.

Can I pleeease come in?

She didn't seem to want to leave, and well, we couldn't help but fall in love with her. So 3 days later we adopted her, or should I say, she adopted us. We named her Chanty (pronounced shantee, just like sailors' sea songs) as she is very talkative with her soft meows. Unless she is hungry at which time her meows get much louder and more insistent.

Our new crew member

We would describe her as follows: she is black and white with a black heart on the tip of her pink nose, very lean and long with a tiny crook at the end of her tail, loves to play (and play and play), is very inquisitive and snoopy, likes to lead while going for walks on her leash, is very appreciative of hugs and cuddles, and she LOVES fish - give her a fresh fish and she will love you forever! A perfect boat cat - how could we not adopt her!

From my heart to yours

Hey wait - I wasn't ready!

Can I help?

Yes, we said we would never have a pet until we returned to having land under our feet, but exceptions can always be made in the right circumstances!

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Peter Green said...

Love the story about 'Chanty' - we miss our cat 'Sebastian', passed away at 23 years old.