Sunday, February 14, 2016

Home sweet home

We have been away from Sea Turtle for several months now. The main reason for our 10-month home stint was to develop a small real estate project which was undertaken by Jordan and his son/business partner. They designed and built a duplex that is now for sale.

Jordan 2-phoned busy with subtrades

Deluxe duplex

It wasn't all work though. It was great to get caught up with family and friends. While not working, Jordan wiled away hours playing pool with a good buddy. We spent a fun weekend camping and hiking, taking in the beautiful British Columbia scenery.

Mini me

We reconnected with the Bluewater Cruising Association attending monthly meetings and were guests aboard SV Camdeboo for the summer rendezvous. It was also our pleasure to do a picture presentation of our world travels at one of the meetings and again to a couple of other groups where most of the guests seemed thoroughly entertained.

Warm summer weather seemed a perfect time to take our motorcycle and 2 classic cars out of storage and do some road travelling - with a motorcycle trip up the Sunshine Coast, entering the MGB in the annual rally, and continuing on to sunny Penticton and Alberta for time with our families.

Rocky Mountain road trip

Our rare Ranchero

Have you ever heard of the hoodoos? While in Alberta, my Dad and I took Jordan on a drive to see some of the local landscape including old mining camps, the suspension bridge, and the infamous hoodoos.

Geological formations

We returned again in the winter (via air) when it was much colder, and I helped my Dad make Grandmother's secret family recipe of Danish red cabbage. This is an annual favourite and was enjoyed by all home for the occasion.

Tedious but tasty

Lucky or unlucky - I think I was very lucky when I suddenly developed a case of appendicitis. If it had happened while sailing, it probably wouldn't have ended so fortunate. I'm very glad to be rid of it, after all it's not needed for much anyway.

By the time we finally returned to Malaysia, we had had enough of the winter - Victoria was unusually wet and Alberta of course had many below freezing days.


Peter Green said...

Hi, Guys.... wonderful to be in touch again. I guess the real estate project took a little longer than expected. It was great meeting you in Victoria and hearing first hand of your adventures. When you didn't appear back at Green Turtle, we called to get together for another coffee - but you must have been on your travels. I like the photo of Jordan with two phones, trying to coordinate building sub-trades (been there - done that!) Ps. it's still raining here.....

SV Passat II said...

Hi guys! We returned to our boat last week and are busy getting ready for the next leg, to the Med, via Atlantic France, Spain and Portugal. Looking forward to your postings and the possibilty of seeing you in the Med.

Barrie and Sandra
SV Passat II