Sunday, January 25, 2015

My Mother's Sunset

It was with great sadness for family and friends when we paid farewell to my beautiful, talented, and caring Mother on January 25, 2015. It is indeed our loss, but I am sure for my Mom, she is now at peace in Heaven where she will even be able to see once again! Her last days had been difficult but now she is with other loved ones singing with angels and having a grand time up above.

Roses were always Mom's favourite flower and I believe she is still enjoying them...

Roses Grow In Heaven

I believe Lord,
that roses grow in Heaven.
Please pick a bunch for us,
place them in our Mother's arms
and tell her they're from us.

Tell her we love and miss her,
and when she turns to smile,
place a kiss upon her cheek
and hold her for awhile.

Because remembering her is easy,
we do it every day.
But there's an ache within our heart
that will never go away.

So as roses grow in Heaven Lord,
please pick a bunch for us,
and place them in Mom's arms
and tell her they're from us.

So now we must accept her fate and continue till we meet once again...


s/v Libertad said...

so sorry to hear about your mom (Judy?). I have been out of touch reading the blogs - so I didn't see this until now. I hear you about her being in a better place as my mother just passed on Dec. 1 and she was very ready. But those of us left behind sure miss our moms!

Peter Green said...

We are sorry to hear of your loss and found the verse 'Roses in Heaven' very touching.
Best Wishes
Pete & Wendy

Dana Hicks said...

So sorry to read of your family's loss.