Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Today we were really excited about crossing into another country that neither of us had ever been to before: Cambodia. So we were shocked when we were about to exit Laos and a Lao border guard stated that we would not be able to take our motorcycle into Cambodia!

From what we read and heard, we thought he might be mistaken so Jordan decided to walk across the border to talk with the Cambodian Customs to get it from the horse's mouth. We were informed that if we didn't have a pre-approval certificate to allow the vehicle to enter, which was only attainable at the Customs office in the Cambodia capital of Phnom Penh, then we could not enter with the motorcycle.

He said we would have to bus 12 hours to Phnom Penh, go through the process of getting the necessary vehicle entry approval documentation (and he couldn't say how long that would take), and then return with the papers to then be allowed to enter with the motorcycle. That was not an option for us, so searching for a solution or a caveat, Jordan argued that we own the motorcycle and we have all the papers as proof, but that was immaterial. They were all very pleasant about it and matter of fact, but the laws were clear to them.

It was very discouraging to have to turn around (it was a simple U-turn as we had not checked out of Laos) and head back about 150 km to the town of Paksan that we had been at 3 days ago.


victor vaj said...

Hello Jordan and Judy: This Victor who met you and your partner in Laos last year 2014 at Phu Khun and the roads to Vietiane, Phonesavanh and Luang Prabang. We ate Laos noodles on the same table. It was nice to meet you and your partner at that place. You can check my facebook at victor vaj.

s/v Libertad said...

well that was a bummer. How disappointing.

Anonymous said...

How very nice that the Thai agent told you this before you left! that was a stroke of good luck, though still disappointing.
Love reading your adventures.