Friday, November 28, 2014

Sukhothai ruins

Our motorcycle journey continued north in Thailand to see more ruins at the historical site of the ancient city of Sukhothai. Here, unlike Ayutthaya, the ruins are in a moated serene park-like setting, unadulterated with modern development.

Another obvious distinction is that, no doubt, the subsoil bearing properties were vastly superior, evidenced by the straighter state of the remnants.

Straight and tall Prangs

Colourful monks and straight structures

But what was consistent with Ayutthaya was the predominantly Buddhist architecture of the ruins.

A Buddha peering down on me (circled in green)

Jordan (circled in green) dwarfed by statue

It would take most of the day to comfortably walk the site and see all the significant ruins and sights. However we opted for the rapid routing and paid a small fee and were able to take our motorcycle through the site. This left us the afternoon to make some more distance north.

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