Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sapa trails

Day 2 in Sapa (northern Vietnam). A long 12-kilometre trek. This one was more of a slow, long descent and along the wider Muong Hoa Valley bottom as we careened our way down uneven, ankle-twisting hills and glens.

We passed through 3 villages with the last being the most beautiful in the area. The Dzay minorities of the Ta Van Village exhibit a strong Chinese culture.

Riveting rice paddies

Working in the paddies

Along the pathway, we were afforded the privilege of taking this lady's photo by buying 1 of her beautifully embroidered cloth bracelets. Even at this late stage in her life, she is still happily either selling, or making and selling, wares.

A gentle geriatric

We never found any boys selling product. Only girls. We were told that boys stay home with or go to work with their fathers.

Fortunately on this trek, a bus picked us up for a lazy return. While we waited for the bus at a hillside store, there were many young girls with their mothers all trying to sell their stuff. They obviously knew tourists would be there waiting for a bus. The store owner had a good setup as all the tourists were needing cold sodas after a hot trek and the young sellers were also busily buying candy and sodas!

That afternoon, we departed for the train station for our overnight return to Hanoi. We had a few minutes before boarding so we jumped in a taxi for a 5 minute ride to see the border to China, another first for us!

China in the background (maybe another day!)

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you both look great and sounds like you are having a wonderful time!