Sunday, February 16, 2014

Official dollars and time

Following is a summary of facts of Indonesian officialdom for the 2 of us, and many other sailors, with costs indicated in US dollars:

Prearranged Cruising Permit (CAIT) must be applied and issued prior to entering Indonesia. Cost: $200 for agent fees. Time: 3 weeks. The 90-day clock started ticking on this day before we even reached Indonesia.

Prearranged personal 60-day Visa is required before entering Indonesia. Process done at the closest Indonesian Consulate, which for us was Fiji. Time: 2 days.

Checking in for us was at a rather remote city in Tual. Cost: $130. Time: A frustrating 6-day process mostly do do with Custom procedures (officials not familiar or up-to-date with sailor-related privileges).

Renewal of personal Visas for an additional 30 days while at Bali. Applied on Wednesday, paid the fee of $160 on Friday, then returned for the 3rd time on Monday to pick up passports with new stamps. Time: 5-day process.

Renewal of CAIT. Cost: another $200 for agent fees. Time: 1 month.

Renewal of personal Visas for another 50 days while at Pangkal Pinang. Cost: $450 including 4-day overstay penalty, local agent assistance, and travel. Time: 5-day process.

Renewal of Jordan's last personal Visa. Cost: $85 including ferry. Time: 4-hour process.

Indonesian checkout. Cost: $125. Time: 1-week process.

Total cost of officialdom for our 4-months in Indonesia: $1,350

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