Thursday, January 09, 2014

Just before leaving

Still nestled in the group of Karimunjawa Islands of Indonesia, we once again went ashore to check internet as we waited for our weather window. Through several online sources, Jordan determined that we should leave today.

We walked past several large quacking ducks with weird bumps on their beaks and children gleefully yelling out "Hello Mista" and giving the high-5 as we passed the ubiquitous mounds of refuse on our way to market with our trusty guide Hussein.

No smiles today for the camera

Regrettably, this was the poorest market we have ever been to. There was a severe lack of products and what was available was old, wrinkled, and shrivelled. Several pared down heads of cabbage full of worm holes and 1 bunch of ripe bananas covered with unappetizing white spots were a couple of the few choices. No fruit was available but Hussein had given us 8 Jambu that he'd picked from a tree earlier...

Local fruit: Jambu

Jordan didn't care for them as he found them to be bitter tasting but I enjoyed them with a texture and taste similar to a pear.

Wood carving is a popular pastime at Karimunjawa with many beautiful samples displayed. There are 3 local types of wood and the people believe that each has a different symbol and meaning. Hussein's family sold me a very unusual wooden ring with an inlaid shell.

We pulled anchor at 14:00 as we motored once again. During our brief stay, we were disheartened that we did not have time to explore the white sand beaches, blue lagoons, and nearby islands. But being here during the off season means we must take advantage of every available weather window.

Hussein's pink boat in the foreground as we leave...

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