Saturday, November 30, 2013

End of family tour

Still in north Bali at Munduk (Indonesia), Aaron and Dee wanted to go for a hike. As Jordan and I had already trekked down the long steep hill yesterday to explore the town, we stayed at the hotel. We tried to get internet and work on the blog but no such luck. Internet is soooo slow that the blog couldn't even open up.

When the 'kids' returned, we drove to our last destination to see the giant Banyan tree. But it was no longer a giant as a recent heavy windstorm brought down a large substantial bough. This tree, even before it broke, was nowhere near the size of the "natural wonder" Banyan tree which claimed to be the world's largest that Jordan and I saw in Tanna (Vanuatu) last September (see blog posting entitled Natural Wonder in September 2013). But it was cool to walk inside and take some snapshots.

Jordan within

From the giant tree, we took a very very remote back road that deteriorated to the point of barely passable, and that is saying something for Jordan's driving determination. We stopped for lunch high up in elevation at a resort that seemed completely out of context considering the road, however we found out that they catered to the adventurous. Off-road bush buggies galore were lined up along the roadway for rent. On the narrow inclining road, Jordan managed to maneuver the van into a tricky parking spot.

Being off season, the staff were thrilled to have us stop in for a bite to eat and all lined up to be included in a photo.

Picture everyone!

With our 6-day van tour of Bali now at an end, we were once again back at Sea Turtle. Aaron and Dee were scheduled to fly home to Canada the next morning...

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