Monday, June 03, 2013

Kiwi 'slanguage'

G'day mate. Here's a bit of Kiwi slang that we have heard throughout our stay in New Zealand.

As might be heard in the shopping market parking lot: 'Be careful with that trundler, you wouldn't want the bill from my panelbeater.' English interpretation: 'Be careful with that shopping cart, you wouldn't want the bill from by body shop.'

At the New World supermarket

Or, 'Can't find the short. Call the sparky.' (electrician)

Or, 'Thanks for your help.' Response: 'No worries.'

Washrooms or restrooms are simply toilets. 'Could you please tell me if you have a toilet in this restaurant?'

Barbecues are barbies, flip flops/thongs are jandals, grog is alcohol. And if you see BYO on a restaurant sign, this means that you can bring your own wine to drink with your meal! Something we can't do back home in Canada.

Kids may politely ask for a lolly which is a request for something sweet (i.e. lollipop, etc.)

If you're asked to 'bring a plate', don't bring an empty plate! This means to bring food to share.

And a contagious verbal mannerism is the response 'Yeah yeah yeah' in rapid fire. It's not considered rude, but an affirmation that you understand exactly what the other is saying.


SV Pelagia said...

Actually, BYO is very common in Montreal

Turtle Mail said...

That would be nice. As far as we know, there is no BYO in BC or Alberta. Did not know about Montreal...