Saturday, April 28, 2012

Diving again

At Galápagos, Aaron (Jordan's son), Deanna (his gal), and Jordan wanted one more diving experience but the site was considered a bit dangerous for snorkelling with the strong currents so I stayed in town as they took the tour boat to Gordon Rocks. This site is famous for spotting hammerhead sharks, which none of us had seen yet.

In both of their two dives, they were lucky and spotted several hammerheads (one young lady we had talked to previously had been on over a dozen dives for the sole purpose of seeing hammerheads and never saw any). Hopefully, you can make out the "hammerhead" that gives these sharks their name in the following photo...

In their second dive, everyone wore a glove on one hand to push themselves away from the sharp rocky wall if the currents pushed them too close, as they also did when they snorkelled at Isla Seymour Norte. But no one was in danger and all was well. They spotted more of the white tip sharks, beautiful sea anemone, several different coloured starfish, and lots of colourful fish...

All in all, a successful diving trip!

Happy father and son

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