Sunday, January 29, 2012

Opposing elements

Awoke January 28th to a bright rainbow in the sky just off our bow which quickly disappeared as it rained for a short spell. The winds seemed to have abated so with dinghy stored and anchor up, we headed off at 09:00. We waved goodbye with cameras snapping as we passed behind the salmonera (fish farm) Mainstream III for the last time.

Floating facility with salmon pens at front of building (to right of photo)

A couple of hours later, the wind started to blow noticeably stronger and on the nose again! There are so many available protected anchorages around all the islands and we were near a good one, Puerto Americano of Isla Tangbac. So under total cloud cover and using the radar we zig zagged into the harbour and dropped anchor (S45°00.771' W073°42.475') at noon. We passed a fishboat already anchored also seeking respite.

Snug inside, we listened to the winds whistling and howling outside as we once again enjoyed a few movies and delicious salmon. Only made 13 nautical miles, fighting the current and choppy waves.

Today was a tough day. We left Isla Tangbac at 08:00 hoping for a south wind that never happened. We motored, sailed for about 3 hours, and motor-sailed in NW winds ranging from 5 to 15 knots. The wind kept changing suddenly with no warning. We almost pulled into an anchorage at noon but decided to see what the conditions would be up ahead - we could always turn back if it kept getting worse. But we managed to continue, and just as it started to sprinkle, pulled into the tight entrance at Isla Filomena (S44°28.244' W073°38.473') at 17:30 with dolphins everywhere escorting us in. Upon anchoring, we heard the rushing of water and spotted a small waterfall again.

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