Monday, November 07, 2011


A brief synopsis of our wonderful 15-night, 16-day motorcycle trip of inland Ecuador and Columbia:
  • We stayed 5 nights/6 days in the very beautiful Colombia and 10 nights/10 days in Ecuador
  • Total distance travelled was 3,525 kilometres
  • Cost of hotels (or hosterias/hotels which can be the same as a hotel) was $361
  • Fuel amounted to $89.52
You can't depend on signs stating distance to the next place. The first sign you come to could say "town name 75 km". Then you travel 50 km and come upon another sign which says "town name 35 km" or "town name 10 km". My math says it should be 25 km! But most signs never even state how far to the next place - they only point in the right direction for a city, town, or village and do not mention how far away it is. That is, if there are any signs at all!!

An interesting traffic practice is for motos to give clear way to oncoming passing vehicles. You have to drive defensively. Usually no problem though, as the shoulders are broad, and slower traffic including motos use them as a lane.

A great sign noted throughout the curving roads of the Andes on what may happen if you pass...

Total mileage that we put on the motorcycle since we purchased it is 4,842 kilometres (almost 5,000 in 3 months) which also includes our trip to Quito in August. We have now sold Ruby, this little gem, as we will be leaving Ecuador soon. She ran great for such a little bike and took us up high into the mountains and way across 2 provinces without any trouble.

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