Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Old Town Quito

Quito lies in a valley oriented north to south. We entered from the south, labouring through stop and go traffic until we arrived in Old Town where Jordan found us a $20 hotel room with the prerequisite secure garage for motorcycle parking.

Jordan made exploring and navigating around and through the narrow streets of Old Town and beyond seem easy. I don't know how he does it all the time when we travel with no map through large cities. He seems to have a sixth sense for direction - me, I get lost right away! Quito is a very large city (population of over 2 million) and lacks any charm, in our opinion. But Old Town Quito is a totally different area full of the charm of old colonial architecture and lots of narrow 1-way streets.

Old Town Quito (Ecuador)

We did a lot of touring around Old Town Quito including a scary climb through spiral stairs and steep ladders to the top of the spires of an ornate church that was started in 1926 and is still not finished! The unnerving steep climb...

...compensated us with fabulous views to the town below.

The reversed transit seemed even more precipitous as we were now looking down and crossed a very long hanging bridge-like appendage. This is the largest Neogothic Basilica in the Americas.

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