Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Exploring with company

On July 21st (Jordan's birthday), his close friend Marlow arrived for a week's visit. He rented a car for the time he was here and stayed with us in the forward berth.

He wanted to check out Panama City and the outlaying areas so we tagged along. We headed to some beach areas to the west where new developments are going on. New subdivisions, condos, and home developments.

Jordan collected some very black shiny sand from Playa Coronado on mainland Panama for me as we were all exploring. My other favourite sand was from Isla Coronado in Mexico but it is the exact opposite - very, very white!

We heard of a mountain town tucked in an ancient, extinct volcano crater, apparently the largest inhabited crater, described by some as magical. We found it at the end of a beautiful winding mountain road with flowing verdant terrain. In my mind, the sublime valley town was close to a Shangri La.

We lunched at the Bruschetta Restaurant with about 20 different bruschettas that came about a foot long and 5 inches wide. Then we drove the interior valley perimeter glimpsing mansion estates through their immaculate tropical landscaping.

We all wanted to see the cruising boats and huge freighters transiting the Panama Canal. So one day, we stopped at the Miraflores locks to observe. It was quite mesmerizing to watch...

Everyone with cameras!

It was obvious to Marlow, as to most who visit Panama that the country is making huge strides in its development and popularity as not only a tourist destination but a place expats and businesses are calling home.

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