Friday, October 09, 2009

Following days

We set anchor in Sausalito, California (N37°52.09' W122°29.315') and spent the last several days contacting family, catching up on things, doing laundry, meeting new friends, and being tourists.

We caught the ferry into San Francisco one day and walked along Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39, walked up to Lombard Street (the crookedest street in the world), rode a cable car, and had a bite to eat in Chinatown.

Arriving by ferry...

I wonder where the boats dock on Pier 39??

Looking down on Lombard - crookedest street in the world

Taking a cable car...

Transamerica Pyramid - 105th tallest building in the world

Dusk at San Francisco with Alcatraz Island on the left

When we came back to the boat that evening, we decided to move Sea Turtle to a more protected spot as a southerly blow was forecasted to be coming into the Bay area. We had winds from 60 to 70 mph but our anchor held. Wild. Unfortunately, a couple of others didn't and one unattended sailboat ended up on the rocks. All was calm the next day.

Another day, we caught a bus to San Rafael to stock up on supplies for our watermaker. We need to pickle it as we are flying back to Victoria for awhile to finish up things that we couldn't get done before leaving.

FYI: Pickle is a slang term for the process of flushing the watermaker membrane with a chemical used to inhibit biological growth during extended periods of non-use.

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shayne and brett said...

it is really heartening to hear you guys do it.
I heard you come on the great boaters net some time ago when you were in coos bay. was cool to hear you come up jordan.

if you have time when you are back up this way please give us a call

will keep following your blog
best wishes