Friday, September 21, 2007

Boat prep

Jordan sanding for new window

A lot of work was required to prepare Sea Turtle for offshore voyaging. As she was built in 1977, we wanted to update her appearance and add all the necessary equipment for going offshore.

Judy drilling for new window

Following are some of the things we have done since December 2005:
  • remove 8 of the smallest windows and install new homemade ones with material stronger than plexiglass
  • scrape and sand 30 years of bottom paint, then paint with 4 coats of barrier coat (dries rock hard) and 2 coats of burgundy anti-fouling paint - sooo smooth now
  • scrape, sand, and refinish exterior teak with Cetol with beautiful results
  • sand and paint upper red stripe to match the burgundy waterline stripe/lower hull
  • sand/polish and wax upper hull to look new again
  • remove former name and (soon) attach her new name of Sea Turtle IV
  • pull all rug from floor, walls, and ceiling!!!!!!!!
  • have new rigging installed

Finally, all painted and polished, waiting to go back into the water!!

Some of the many things to do in the future:
  • re-do entire electrical system
  • lay new flooring throughout including teak and holly sole in the salon area
  • install new ceilings and woodwork
  • make solar arch and install with solar panels
  • install new holding tank
  • new head sail
  • have new countertops installed
  • install electronics
  • new dodger

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